Make long distance CALLs
Work easily.

Extra Features

Search for more than 9000 area and city dialing codes of all countries.

Search for time zone, capitals, internet domain extensions for all countries.

Compatible with most of tablets and mobile phones.

Country codes in list view.

Search on map and view the codes by clicking on marker points.

Emergency phone codes (police, ambulance, fire).

App Review

Vincent Urulaza

I like this app and its very easy to use and also usefull. I love this app.

Jacky Hassen

Nice app It's wonderful app , useful, easy to use and got many information.

Emmanuel Baring

Very useful app for travellers and for persons doing business with different countries.

Sonia Petrelli

It is the best and simple app i ever use. Perfect and to the point.

Evelyn Hyder

The best compared to others. Just about everything a mobile user would need, nicely done, wise choice of items and layout.

Marco Mendez

Very informative, useful handy app I am international marketing professional and frequent flyer to various overseas destination.